In memory of Boomtown Faraway Faye

Date: 2012-11-07

22/4 1997 - 6/9 2012

The 6th of September Allis died camly, surrounded by the ones she loved. Allis, the healthiest, most beautiful and clever Beardie-girl leaves a big, empy space behind - especially for Barbro, Allis 'mum'.

Rest in peace little Allis-Brallis.

Planned litter

Date: 2012-08-07

Mumma (Boomtown Caramel) is planning for her second litter.

Have a nice Midsummer!

Date: 2012-06-22

From all of us at Boomtown.

Happy Birthday!

Date: 2012-06-21

Happy birthday to Kalik and his siblings who are five years old the 21st of June.

New homepage

Date: 2012-06-21

We hope you like it.

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